“Xhamadani vija vija, është Kosova, është Shqipnia” the National Enthem

Nje komb nje kombetareAlbania’s national soccer breathes with the soundtrack promoting national unity.Two people from Shkodra wrote it  in 1993 for a popular singer from Kosovo.The verse “xhamadani vija-vija/është Kosova, është Shqipnia”echoed strongly,in 2001,in the stadium of Pristina during the friendly match between Albania and Kosovo.Ten years later ,Gianni de Biasi,from Italy a few days after he took over, the Albanian Representative,declared it “The National Enthem.”

De Biasi decision merely confirmed something that was known for a long time. The song was already the unofficial anthem of the Albanian national football.Kënga tashmë ishte himn jozyrtar i Kombëtares shqiptare në futboll.

The song is sing in one voice by the “Red and Black” fans and the players.Even the italian De Biasi has sung it.  With this song the matches are announced, the moral of the players rises.With this song the successes are celebrated

The authors of the song are composer   Zef COBA and poet Alfred Capaliku, and Shkurte Fejza was the first one that sang it ,before it was processed in 1997 by Kosovar group Illyrians”.

The version of Shemsi Krasniqi has taken 3 millions clicks in Youtube .Later he published the song “Oj Kosovë, ty t’kam hajmali” with the hope that it  would become the anthem of the fans of football Representative in Kosovo. But it was not only never heard to be sung by Dardanians”, but the YouTube” has failed to collect even eight thousand clicks.\… (Koha.net)