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Try to understand the exercise by pictures.Write the inequality as a system. In the first picture,there is the solution of the first inequality,in the second one  is the solution of second inequality and in the third picture,is the solution of the system. Be Careful!  The solution is the unshaded part! Read the rest of this entry »


Compare two functions.

For the given functions f:y=\frac{2x^{2}+5x+3}{2x+1}  and  g:y=5x . a)Show that in [1;+∞[ , f(x)≤g(x). Read the rest of this entry »


Solve the equation.

Solve the equation

\left ( x+1 \right )^{4}+x^{4}=17

Write  x+1=t
Go back to the replacement of  t

 no real solution D<0


 has two solutions -1 and  2.




The Solutions of the equations are:



Quiz. Trigonometry.

1-In the statements below find which is True and which is False Read the rest of this entry »


Geometric Progression-Exercise 2


The sum of the numbers of an infinite decreasing geometric progression is 8. Find y1 dhe q, considering that the sum of their cubes is \frac{512}{7}. Read the rest of this entry »


Test 4 Mat Avancuar.

pdf logoShkarkoni testin Nr4. per maturantet e matures 2013. Shkarkoje KETU